2012 Goals

My goals are going to be organized in two parts.  The first is going to quantify minimum daily and weekly goals that I want to hit in order to be more disciplined.  It comes complete with a weekly chart, gold stars, and an excel spreadsheet that tracks my yearly progress.  Part two is more about what I actually want to accomplish.

PART ONE – Discipline

WRITING: Write 14 pages of a screenplay or 2,500 words of prose each week.  Accomplish this through writing 2 pages of a screenplay or 500 words every day.

These goals are minimums.  Ideally I’d like to write 25 pages of a screenplay or 10,000 words of prose every week, with 5 pages a day and 2,000 words a day as my daily targets.  But this is a pretty intense pace that I can’t always maintain.  I want attainable goals so that I can become disciplined.  Next year, maybe I will revisit my word goal.

Red Star: 2 pages or 500 words
Purple Star: 3 pages or 1,000 words
Green Star:  4 pages or 1,500 words
Gold Star: 5 pages or 2,000 words (This is my ideal target)
Silver Star:  Over 7 pages (the cursor is at least at the top of page 8) or over 3.000 words.  This doesn’t happen often for me.

PREP WORK: Spend 4-7 hours every week prepping future projects.
I want to start preparing future projects so that I don’t spend months playing with ideas that never really flesh out.  Prep work is going to be world-building, brainstorming, plotting, researching, and anything else that I need in order to be ready to take my story and get writing it.  I’m also going to include the process of making revision lists for drafts I want to rewrite.

Red Star: 4 hours
Purple Star: 5 hours
Green Star: 6 hours
Gold Star: 7 hours
Silver Star: 10+ hours

OTHER: Every week I want to read one book, read one screenplay and watch one movie.  I’m going to buy special stickers for this chart, because rewarding myself with gold and silver stars for going above and beyond… well, I don’t need any more encouragement to procrastinate.

PART TWO – What I actually want to do
I will participate in A Round of Words in 80 days, which will allow me to set shorter term, realistic goals, that are completely personalized.  It will also allow me the flexibility to revise these goals without feeling like a failure if, for instance, I pull a tendon on that stupid machine at the gym and can’t straighten my arm (although, this isn’t actually hampering my ability to type, so maybe I’m just sore and whining).

Participating in A Round of Words means that I am checking in on the blog at least once a week, which keeps me accountable to those goals. Next week I will write my first post for “ROW80” where I write out my goals for the first 80 day session.  I know that it will include finishing my current draft, but beyond that I haven’t yet decided.  Round 1 of 2012 starts January 2, so I have to figure out how much time 80 days really is before then.

Happy new year!


  1. Bittner says

    I LOVE IT!!! Now you have me thinking that I want some way to chart my progress to get Gold Stars too! I’m going to have to put some thought into this and come up with something. I’ll get back to you…

  2. fakesteph says

    I’m going to kill so many pointless characters.. you have no idea! I love gold stars! And Courtney, I’m going to e-mail you a story later. It’s kind of creepy tho.

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