Green Valley by Israel Parker

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Green Valley by Israel ParkerGreen Valley by Israel Parker
Published by IJP Press on November 2013

Source: Jen Halligan PR

A serial killer is on the loose in Green Valley, but what if he's the good guy?

The year is 2036 and the United States is pulling out of an economic crisis, thanks to new industries and technologies that thrive in Green Valley, Ohio. Regarded as "America's Hope," the city also boasts being named the safest city in America for five years running. But now Green Valley, one of only a handful of cities protected by the still-experimental Unified Enforcement Police, struggles to catch a new-era murderer who continues to kill and elude capture. As the elite federal police close in on the killer, they discover that something darker has infiltrated their perfect city.

Happily bumbling through his predictable life, Milton Simon comes face-to-face with murderer Clarence Jasper and is surprised to find that the killer has a message for him: JOIN ME. Milton soon learns that not only is Green Valley not the safe haven everyone perceives it to be; it’s Hell on Earth


Thoughts: This book is like nothing I’ve read before.  It is a thriller-mystery with several unique elements and a few twists that I’m still trying to piece together.  It’s told from multiple points of view, which worked well for the complicated storyline, and I was always able to keep track of the narrative.

The main story-line follows a group of cannibals infiltrating the city of Green Valley.  It is creepy, but I was worried that this would turn out to be gimmicky.  It wasn’t.  There is a reasonable explanation for why there are cannibals, and they have reasons for the actions they take in the book.  We also have this sort of supernatural place, called Pinwheel, which introduces some interesting ideas about religion and human consciousness.  Pinwheel is explored in a believable way and I am interested in seeing where Parker takes it in his next book.

I really enjoyed the story, although I would have preferred more resolution at the end.  Green Valley is definitely the first book in a series and while it ended at a natural place, it also left many questions unanswered and the good guys in a tight spot.  While I would have appreciated some moral ambiguity in the bad guys, it is not what this book is trying to do.

Favorite Moments: One character is changed by Pinwheel and comes back to the real world as a BAMF.  I really enjoyed her fight scenes.

WTF Moments: This book is about cannibalism, so logic says that my WTF moment should be about eating people.  It’s not.  My WTF moment came when I realized criminals weren’t tried in front of juries.

Overall: A unique thriller set in a terrifying future.

One StarOne StarOne Star


  1. Olivia @ The Reading Enchantress says

    Oh, wow, Steph. Green Valley definitely seems like an unusual read. I don’t know how I would feel about cannibalism, but it’s good to know that there is reason behind it. This doesn’t sound like my normal kind of read, but (like always) I am very intrigued by your review!

  2. Danielle K. says

    Ugg, on one hand this sounds really good; on the other, I just don’t know if I have the energy for another series. Doesn’t anyone write stand alone books anymore? Have you read the Ashfall series? There is some cannibalism in there, that given the circumstances makes perfect sense. Now I’m totally paranoid this is where we are all headed!!

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