Knocked Out By My Nunga Nungas

Knocked Out By My Nunga Nungas is the third book in the series and the third post about comedy.  I’m loving rereading these books.  They were exactly the inspiration I needed to finish my comedy script.  So let’s do this one more time, then a short break to catch up on the Harry Potter Reading Challenge and my approved requests at NetGalley.

One sentence summary/review:  Georgia is dating the Sex God (again), but keeps kissing Dave the Laugh… also Sven makes me laugh… this book makes me laugh out loud every time I read it.  (It only counts as one sentence if I use an ellipsis right?)

A Comedy Tool (Tool is so much better… Tools can be used, Rules can be broken) that Rennison uses in this book is to take a cliche phrase and flip it around.  Here are three examples:

Page 1: Looking out of my bedroom window, counting my unblessings.  I find this hilarious and think it’s a great opening line.  It’s unexpected and perfectly sets the humorous tone of Georgia’s teenage angst-filled diary.

Page 62: Every minute without the Sex God seems about sixty seconds long.  Again, unexpected.  It’s funny because Georgia is the most over-dramatic person to ever write a diary, but when she uses phrases that are traditionally linked to exaggeration, she is precise.

This tool is tricky.  It works for the tone and style of the Georgia Nicholson books, but I get nervous using it myself, because it’s like wearing an outfit that is purposely mismatched.  If it’s done right you look totally cool, but if done wrong or too much, people can’t take you seriously, and usually can’t even look you in the face.

This book counts toward the following challenges: Read Me Baby One More Time, 100+, and Harry Potter Reading Challenge – 7 books in a series.  Track my progress at my 2011 Challenges page.

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