Last Reads of 2012 Mini-Challenge: Scariest Books of 2012

I’m so excited to host the Scariest Books Challenge.  Here are the books that scared me the most.  Feel free to share your scariest reads of 2012 in the comments or leave a link so I can come by and check out your list at your blog!  Covers link to GoodReads if you want more info on any of these!

This isn’t a scary story, but halfway through this story, I literally had trouble sleeping thinking about the beast.  Although, now that I’ve finished the book, the haunting human actions of betrayal and sacrifice are what stay with me more than any supernatural element.

 Darren Shan really is the master of horror and while his books are short and entertaining, they are also scary.  Zom-B was no exception (Although I think his Demonata books are the scariest of all!)

 I loved these comic books and hope to try the TV show as well as finish the comic series in 2013.  The story is a deep exploration of what it means to be human and the zombies are always terrifying!

 A different kind of scary, but this book has so much suspense.  It is set in a cruel world and I was constantly afraid for the main character and the young Duchess she served.

THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD.   And it’s funny and deep and well-written.  But it’s also about serial killers.  And the end.  OMG THE END!?!?!?!?!?!  THE WORLD DOESN’T FEEL SAFE ANYMORE!

Another book not afraid of a high body-count, Anna Dressed In Blood is everything I wanted in a ghost story.  Yes, there was romance, but Anna never stopped being bad ass.  She scared me in the beginning, broke my heart, then scared me some more when I realized there were things worse than her in the world.

What were the scariest books you read this year??


  1. LHughes says

    I don’t read scary books, but I buy them for my brother! I bought him Zom-B and volumes 13-16 of Walking Dead for Christmas.

    Now you’ve got me nervous to read Grave Mercy… I love suspense though. Just not zombies, ghosts, serial killers, etc.

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  2. Kate Midnight Book Girl says

    Possession by Gretchen McNeil was very creepy, Criminal by Karin Slaughter scared me because of how recently women were treated horribly by men, Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon was unsettling, The Vanishing Game and Nightfall were good too, but I don’t know that I read anything that truly scared me other than the short story In The Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill.

  3. Shooting Stars Mag says

    I still need to read Zom-B and The Magicians (though I do have them, so gotta get to those ASAP) and I REALLY want to buy and read I Hunt Killers. Sounds fab!

    I don’t think I read many “scary” novels this past year…not as far as I can remember, at least.


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