ROW 80 and Sundays In Bed With…

ROW 80
This is my first check in for Round 2 of A Round of Words In 80 Days.  It’s a writing challenge that has you set your own goals for 80 days.  I like it, because it’s long enough that I can get a lot accomplished, but short enough that I there is some immediacy.

My goals are listed on my 2012 goals page.  For now, I’m trying to finish a middle grade novel. It popped up out of nowhere at the end of last round.  It might be terrible, but it is the easiest first draft I have ever written.  I love the characters, the story is coming along.  I’m shocked.  I’d like to finish it by the readathon on the 21st.

This week I wrote 9651 words, bringing me up to 20,504.  I think the story will be around 40,000 words, so my goal is doable if I really prioritize it over the next few weeks.  Then, I have to figure out which of my goals to tackle next… especially with a new screenplay idea that won’t get out of my head.

Sundays in bed with is hosted by Kate at Midnight Book Girl.  So… I’m in bed with the same book as last week: Sisters Grimm: the Unusual Suspects.

Yep, same picture… sorry.  (Not really.)

The book is great, but I’ve read it before, so I put it down because I got some awesome books this week.  After being on the waiting list for weeks, I finally got Cinder by Marissa Meyer from my library.  Then there were two new releases that I’ve been very excited about: I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga and Black Heart by Holly Black.  All of them were awesome.  This week, I’ll finish Sisters Grimm, The Night Circus audio book, and the heap of TBR, Kindle TBR, and library books that are currently threatening to crush me (I won’t be crushed by the kindle tbr, obviously).


  1. Jen Ryland/YA Romantics says

    Yep, I also have a big pile of library books that I need to get to!
    I Hunt Killers sounds too scary for me, but maybe it’s just the title.
    And yes I am starting the Curse Workers series as soon as book one arrives from the library!

  2. Bittner says

    Yeah, I don’t think I Hunt Killers is going to be for me but I am excited to finish Cinder! I haven’t had a chance to pick it up in 2 days because I have been so busy lately!
    And as far as the curse workers goes….I’m really struggling to fit this one in but I know I can make time for it somehow!!! Think Courtney Think…

  3. Kate@Midnight Book Girl says

    You are a writing powerhouse! In fact, if that title fit on a license plate, than that’s totally what I’d get for you. Thanks for participating once again, and I can’t wait until Readathon! Don’t know if I’ll host a Sundays in Bed on the 22nd, I’ll probably have a book hangover.

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