Sundays In Bed With… Recipe for Trouble

Sundays in bed with is hosted by Kate at Midnight Book Girl.  This week, I’m in bed with…

I’ll be on the blog tour this week and it’s so cute so far.  As usual, I’ll also be doing tons of homework.  I’m going to LA next weekend for two weeks, so I need to work ahead in all my classes and right now it feels completely impossible.  What is your best time management tip?


  1. Bittner says

    This picture is so cute! I’m going to have to keep an eye out from now to find myself some cheap pillow cases that have faces on them so I can take pictures like this! Stay Safe with the weather!

  2. Christina says

    Oh, we met her at BEA right? The mom author of this? I think? We were at the same table then, right? Anyway, it sounded super cute if I’m thinking of the right book!

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