Writing Posts: 4/27-5/3

Another week, another batch of links….

A Common Query Problem (Also Kung Fu Panda) by Adam Heine.  I think this post will be just as helpful when creating a query as Nathan Bransford’s classic Query Mad Lib.  Also check out his post on world building.

Comedy Writers Can Be Bad A** by Ken Levine.  This isn’t a post on writing, but his site is hilarious and wonderful.  This anecdote is typical of the stories he tells about how being a writer affects your life.

The Real Beginning by Mary Kole.  I’m about to start some intensive revisions on two projects… it’s terrifying, which is why I’m spending time reading articles like this instead of wading through my manuscript in ywriter.

Lust Dust by Scott Adams.  A very different kind of post than usually shows up here, but Adams is certainly successful and since comedy is HARD, I think this post is useful to anyone who wants to be funny (sidenote-I think everyone should want to be funny).  A lot of comedians use this technique as well.  Pay attention and you’ll spot it everywhere.

Forensics Q&A by Kristy Lahoda, Ph. D.  I think this will be particularly helpful to me as I majorly revise my not-so-well-researched-yet novel.

Guest Author Sherry Thomas: The Writing of Boys on Janice Hardy’s blog… yes this blog shows up every week.  This is seriously the best blog ever.  Side note-this particular post made me want to watch The OC.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Editing But Were Afraid To Ask by Jason Black at Plot to Punctuation.  He’s a freelance editor, but even if you aren’t looking for editing services, this post will give you a great run down on the different kinds of editing.


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